Jangli (Punjabi: جانگلی) is the oldest and most conservative dialect of the Punjabi language spoken in Pakistani Punjab. In English it would mean the language of the people of the jungle. The area was densely filled with jungles so the language go its name. Rachnavi, Jhangochi, Jhangvi, Chenavri and Changvi are alternate names of this dialect.

It is spoken throughout a widespread area, starting from Khanewal and Jhang at both ends of Ravi and Chenab to Gujranwala district. It then runs down to Bahawalnagar and Chishtian areas, on the banks of river Sutlej.

The Jangli dialect of Punjabi has several aspects that set it apart from other Punjabi variants. This area has a great culture and heritage, especially literary heritage, as it is credited with the creation of the famous epic romance stories of Heer Ranjha and Mirza Sahiba. It is spoken in the Bar areas of Punjab, i.e., areas whose names are often suffixed with 'Bar', for example Sandal Bar, Kirana Bar, Neeli Bar, Ganji Bar and also from Khanewal to Jhang includes Faisalabad andChiniot. It also include Mandi Bahauddin, Chakwal, Hafizabad Jangal Bar tract of Faisalabad District, Okara, pakpattan and all regions encompassing the former Montgomery District. TheSandal Bar (Urdu: ساندل بار‎) is a region between the rivers Chenab and Ravi in Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the Rechna Doab. It spreads over almost 80 km in width (west to east) and 40 km in length (north to south). "Bar", in the local language, means a forested area where there are no resources for cultivation, like water. This Bar is named after Saandal, thought to be the grandfather of the legendary Punjabi hero, Dulla Bhatti. Almost all the area of this bar used to be part Jhang District, but nowadays it is divided between the districts of Faisalabad, Jhang and Toba Tek Singh.

Sandal Bar was actually a vast area with number of Punjabi tribes sharing same culture and language, attached in blood relations. Nowadays Sandal Bar not only consists of Jhang, Faisalabad, Toba Take Singh, Pir Mahal but Nankana Sahib, Chiniot, Hafizabad districts and some areas of Sheikhupura.

Read more about Jangli language by clicking on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jhangvi_dialect


  1. It is beautiful and sweetest dilect

  2. This dilect should be revived in the manner it deserves. Since lot of literary work is done in this particular dilect such as Heer Waris Shah,,Kalam-e-Bahoo,,Kalam of Bullay Shah,, Maktoobaat-e-Ishq and lot of cultural/marriage songs by Khwaja Said Jalal....